Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Created Equal? Racial IQ


"I wish these assurances were true. They aren't. Tests do show an IQ deficit, not just for Africans relative to Europeans, but for Europeans relative to Asians. Economic and cultural theories have failed to explain most of the pattern, and there's strong preliminary evidence that part of it is genetic. It's time to prepare for the possibility that equality of intelligence, in the sense of racial averages on tests, will turn out not to be true. If this suggestion makes you angry—if you find the idea of genetic racial advantages outrageous, socially corrosive, and unthinkable—you're not the first to feel that way. Many Christians are going through a similar struggle over evolution. Their faith in human dignity rests on a literal belief in Genesis. To them, evolution isn't just another fact; it's a threat to their whole value system. As William Jennings Bryan put it during the Scopes trial, evolution meant elevating "supposedly superior intellects," "eliminating the weak," "paralyzing the hope of reform," jeopardizing "the doctrine of brotherhood," and undermining "the sympathetic activities of a civilized society." The same values—equality, hope, and brotherhood—are under scientific threat today. But this time, the threat is racial genetics, and the people struggling with it are liberals."

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I waited a long time to post on this because I frankly wasn't comfortable, I didn't like having to make the decision whether to believe sound scientific evidence or my values. I searched and searched. I found even more evidence that I just didn't like one bit.

It made my stomach writhe when I learned that Black Nigerians have a slightly higher average IQ than Black Brits despite their massive education and wealth advantage. Black Americans follow the exact same IQ trend as other African countries too.

If you follow the equator around the globe you find the same trend of low IQ, South East Asians 85-90, Africans 80-85, Arabs 83, Latinos 85-90 (Full blooded American Indians even lower).

Yet after you make a slight geographic jump to the north you have: Asians(Oriental: China, Japan, Korea ect.) 104, Europeans 100(plus a couple points maybe), Russians(who've gone through a huge amount of internal strife themselves) 96, Americans 100.

Jews and Asians have a high occurrence of Goucher's and this is one way scientists try to explain why they score the highest on IQ tests(110 and 104 respectively). If you take a look at it objectively also, mass murder and persecution probably helped the Jews obtain a high IQ average - natural selection in progress.

Because of the massive difference between Black and Jewish IQ's there are probably more Jews with an IQ of over 140 than Blacks despite the fact that blacks have over 200x more people in their category than Jews.

I find some consolation in the fact that society fictionally created IQ. If we were living in a society based around hunting in the Serengeti than the standards of intelligence would probably be much different. But that doesn't help much - the society we have proved superior over that one. Plus, no matter how you look at the situation, present reality doesn't change.

People will claim that by evolution's standards there wasn't enough time for such a difference. But they must realize that this is a very small change by evolution's standards - magnified to catastrophic consequences by the power of modern society. It is not a question of the ability to do math, but a question of the ability to do math slightly faster.

From this comes only one possible conclusion, everything else(less an earth shattering revelation be found) just doesn't work. There is a genetic difference in racial IQ.

- Spero

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bernie said...

I agree that blacks have a lower IQ than whites, however I believe it is more a predictor of financial success than of innate intelligence, see The Problem with IQ.