Thursday, April 3, 2008

How The US Government Should Work

I don't know how many easily excited souls actually do tune in to C-SPAN regularly but even they must notice the lack of well - vegetable level energy present in the US legislative branch.

Take a gander for a minute at this video of the people who make our laws in roaring, full scale, unbridled, uninhibited action.

Well if that didn't get your adrenaline rushing there's not much hope for you. Now, quite frankly, when "all the best men go into business" we know why. As Americans we have to ask ourselves "What the hell is that?"

Why are people who have all the explosive energy of rocks making our laws?

The legislative branch should be a place of bare knuckled ideological combat, it should be a theater of the mind, a forge of grand ideas - hammered and polished(by both sides) until something elegant comes out.

It should be more like the British House of Commons.

Less speech and more debate is just what the doctor prescribed. People like Senator Harry Byrd from W. Virginia would not survive. They would be eaten alive or relegated to obscurity in the back of the room.

People might actually watch the government in action. They might actually say, "Hey that's what I want to do!"

Because I guarantee you right now that no 12 year old is sitting at home saying he wants to be the next Larry Byrd - he has a hard time competing with 50 cent.

Maybe we'd get some bright minds back into politics, maybe as a people we wouldn't be amazed that some one as unique as Obama (for his many faults) managed to appear.

- Spero


ruby said...

I think Senator Byrd has some problems.

I can't resist giving some links to some particularly rowdy moments in Australia's parliament.

The first one happened a few weeks ago, the others are from the glory years of Paul Keating's run as PM in the 90s.

Voice of Reason said...

Wow, I really do pity that senator. It's obvious that he was experiencing some extreme discomfort during that speech (though still not as much as the audience, of course).