Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Must Be Solved in 20 Years, For Israel's Sake

I don't want you to get the wrong idea from the title, I'm very much pro-Israel. Israel is, however, facing a crisis.

Its not the Iranian bomb, the fictional Palestinian demographic explosion, or imminent invasion. No, those are manageable.

Take a gander over to your left please. Forgive me if I make the wild presumption that you don't regard yourself as a terrorist, because each and every day I become less sure.

Israel's problem started a while ago, in an unlikely place. You see Israel one had what were widely regarded as the best diplomats in the world - not anymore. No, instead of steadily articulating Israel's side of issues on the world stage, as they used to, the country's diplomats changed course. They took an approach that allowed Arab propaganda to pass by in order to further the "peace process". Myths and lies were propagated on the world stage.

Myths and Lies like:
1. Israelis stole the land.
When in fact the Bedouin tribes living in the area were squatters and landowners in Cairo + Damascus held the titles. The Jews then bought the land over time from these landholders, and held the property deeds when the UN and Britain(who controlled the area) declared Israel a sovereign state.

2. Jews committed ethnic cleansing in Palestine.
Is just a flat out lie. Palestinians moved voluntarily or stayed(see Israel's over 1 million Israeli Arabs) during Israeli independence. If you want to see true ethnic cleansing see what happened in the Arab countries during this time period. And understand that in the peace deal there are no Jews allowed in Judenrein Palestine.

3. Jews used terror to establish Israel.
They point to a single "terror" attack in British mandate Palestine, the King David Hotel Bombing. In fact the Kind David Hotel Bombing was being used as a military installation by the Brits. The Arab workers inside were told to leave so they wouldn't be hurt and the French consulate across the street was told to shut its windows so that they wouldn't be hurt by glass shards.

Of course, there are many more myths propagated but discussing them would derail us from the point.

These idea were propagated on the world stage, and with the advent of Haaretz a Jewish run publication that advocates Post-Zionist revisionism media outlets in Europe(mainly) were quick to pick up what they perceived to be "Ok" because Jews had said it.

The ideas were eventually picked up by University faculty through their systems of tenure and liberal adoption of Arab beliefs. The New Left adopted Arab beliefs because:

1. Israel is perceived to be a proxy of the US. As such, the disdain filters down the grape vine.

2. Arabs, as the weaker side, are an easy fit into the little guy vs big mean guy idealogy of the New Left.

3. Jews just let those beliefs pass by. Giving them legitimacy.

The problem is when the Universities pick up these ideas they indoctrinate their students. Universities are just companies that churn out products in the form of students and the curriculum is the same for all students. See the problem? The demographic time bomb is not in Israel, its in the US.

When these kids hit the point where they control the system it'll be endgame for Israel. That's why peace needs to come within twenty years.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Political Correctness and the Oppression of Free Speech

Just when you thought that you were guaranteed the right to free speech by the state... Political correctness is a here to take it away, by limiting both your freedom of speech and your freedom of thought!

Despite what the American government proclaims, free speech in modern American society is merely an illusion, and this is in great part due to political correctness. If we truly had freedom of speech, we would be able to express our ideas openly, no matter how socially or politically unacceptable they are, without the threat of persecution. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The persecution of those charged with making politically incorrect statements is so prevalent today that I hardly need to present any examples.

But, of course, the state has very few legal restrictions on free speech; yet the state still manages to covertly restrict it through the imposition of political correctness upon the people, which is generally, conveniently enforced through persecution by the mob, and silently fueled by the state’s encouragement and occasional intervention.

The ideology of political correctness aims to label certain speech, actions, and even thought that is considered "offensive" as wrong. This is contrary to both human nature and what is reality. Political correctness is a tool of mental oppression and an affront to our rights and our freedoms and should be disregarded, except, perhaps, in politics.

- Voice of Reason

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Christianity is Just as Bad as Islam?

This is a controversial topic even among staff of this blog so writing about it will probably cause certain amounts of outrage.

The topic, which I'm about to introduce, was prompted by a comment I read on Planck's Constant:

"And if we're going to deport people on religious grounds, why stop with the Muslims? Christianity is just as bad as Islam. It's not Islam per se that is the problem, it's Islamic *totalitariansm*." - Valda Redfern

Well Valda, that's where you're wrong. Christianity is not "just as bad as Islam" - that's just perverse political correctness. I wish it was only her that shared that opinion, but quite frankly its a widely believed myth.

Let me take you back to ancient Greece for a while - togas not required. We're going to visit three very important figures in philosophy, mysticism and science(but we'll forget the latter for today).

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle are our subjects - they were all titans of the mind and their philosophy all originated in the same place. They all had schools and many people who followed their particular branch of thought, they all had digressed significantly from their common root.

Examine these men for a minute, they all had philosophies that told you how to live and what to believe. So even though we just call them philosophers now, their philosophies answered the same questions that religions answer today. They had religions.

Humor me and imagine that Socrates and Plato's branches had reformations, they abandoned a lot of the principles in their original guiding texts, they condemned the misdemeanors committed in their names. What they had now was what they believed to be a clean, more perfect, more humanitarian guide to life. It was effectually neutered of all its dangers.

Let's dissect the believers of all three of these religions. The religions are a guide for their lives and all believers try to keep as close to them as possible. In all of these religions there are people who selectively believe(or pick and choose which parts they commit to) , and the proportion is much larger in Socrates + Plato's branches. There are also many people who vehemently think a minor deviation from the philosophies is a crime, and these people are much larger in proportion in Aristotle's branch. There are also many people in the middle who follow almost completely the things that their local religious leaders tell them.

In Aristotle's branch the radicals are the ones that control the local and global religious leaders. In Socrates' and Plato's branch the religious leaders are generally in the middle or to the selective beliefers' side, and yes, there are still a large number of radicals in charge of local affairs.

Aristotle's branch was forged out of a time that necessitated brutality and great violence, and so it incorporates it into the philosophy. There was no and for the immediate future will be no reformation in this religion.

These branches are embroiled in bitter conflict with each other throughout the world.

Aristotle's branch generally views itself as perpetually embattled and persecuted, there are a very large number of them. They are at war.

Which sounds more dangerous to you? Socrates? Plato? Aristotle?

Aristotle obviously.

Aristotle's is Islam, Socrates' is Judaism and Plato's is Christianity. There is no equality among them because they happen to be religions from the same branch.

Thanks perverse political correctness, but you can leave - and never come back.

- Spero

Thursday, April 3, 2008

How The US Government Should Work

I don't know how many easily excited souls actually do tune in to C-SPAN regularly but even they must notice the lack of well - vegetable level energy present in the US legislative branch.

Take a gander for a minute at this video of the people who make our laws in roaring, full scale, unbridled, uninhibited action.

Well if that didn't get your adrenaline rushing there's not much hope for you. Now, quite frankly, when "all the best men go into business" we know why. As Americans we have to ask ourselves "What the hell is that?"

Why are people who have all the explosive energy of rocks making our laws?

The legislative branch should be a place of bare knuckled ideological combat, it should be a theater of the mind, a forge of grand ideas - hammered and polished(by both sides) until something elegant comes out.

It should be more like the British House of Commons.

Less speech and more debate is just what the doctor prescribed. People like Senator Harry Byrd from W. Virginia would not survive. They would be eaten alive or relegated to obscurity in the back of the room.

People might actually watch the government in action. They might actually say, "Hey that's what I want to do!"

Because I guarantee you right now that no 12 year old is sitting at home saying he wants to be the next Larry Byrd - he has a hard time competing with 50 cent.

Maybe we'd get some bright minds back into politics, maybe as a people we wouldn't be amazed that some one as unique as Obama (for his many faults) managed to appear.

- Spero

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Created Equal? Racial IQ

"I wish these assurances were true. They aren't. Tests do show an IQ deficit, not just for Africans relative to Europeans, but for Europeans relative to Asians. Economic and cultural theories have failed to explain most of the pattern, and there's strong preliminary evidence that part of it is genetic. It's time to prepare for the possibility that equality of intelligence, in the sense of racial averages on tests, will turn out not to be true. If this suggestion makes you angry—if you find the idea of genetic racial advantages outrageous, socially corrosive, and unthinkable—you're not the first to feel that way. Many Christians are going through a similar struggle over evolution. Their faith in human dignity rests on a literal belief in Genesis. To them, evolution isn't just another fact; it's a threat to their whole value system. As William Jennings Bryan put it during the Scopes trial, evolution meant elevating "supposedly superior intellects," "eliminating the weak," "paralyzing the hope of reform," jeopardizing "the doctrine of brotherhood," and undermining "the sympathetic activities of a civilized society." The same values—equality, hope, and brotherhood—are under scientific threat today. But this time, the threat is racial genetics, and the people struggling with it are liberals."

(Please read the article)

I waited a long time to post on this because I frankly wasn't comfortable, I didn't like having to make the decision whether to believe sound scientific evidence or my values. I searched and searched. I found even more evidence that I just didn't like one bit.

It made my stomach writhe when I learned that Black Nigerians have a slightly higher average IQ than Black Brits despite their massive education and wealth advantage. Black Americans follow the exact same IQ trend as other African countries too.

If you follow the equator around the globe you find the same trend of low IQ, South East Asians 85-90, Africans 80-85, Arabs 83, Latinos 85-90 (Full blooded American Indians even lower).

Yet after you make a slight geographic jump to the north you have: Asians(Oriental: China, Japan, Korea ect.) 104, Europeans 100(plus a couple points maybe), Russians(who've gone through a huge amount of internal strife themselves) 96, Americans 100.

Jews and Asians have a high occurrence of Goucher's and this is one way scientists try to explain why they score the highest on IQ tests(110 and 104 respectively). If you take a look at it objectively also, mass murder and persecution probably helped the Jews obtain a high IQ average - natural selection in progress.

Because of the massive difference between Black and Jewish IQ's there are probably more Jews with an IQ of over 140 than Blacks despite the fact that blacks have over 200x more people in their category than Jews.

I find some consolation in the fact that society fictionally created IQ. If we were living in a society based around hunting in the Serengeti than the standards of intelligence would probably be much different. But that doesn't help much - the society we have proved superior over that one. Plus, no matter how you look at the situation, present reality doesn't change.

People will claim that by evolution's standards there wasn't enough time for such a difference. But they must realize that this is a very small change by evolution's standards - magnified to catastrophic consequences by the power of modern society. It is not a question of the ability to do math, but a question of the ability to do math slightly faster.

From this comes only one possible conclusion, everything else(less an earth shattering revelation be found) just doesn't work. There is a genetic difference in racial IQ.

- Spero

PS: Sign the Geert Wilders' free speech petition - Here

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Science of Religion(Economist)

"Science and religion have often been at loggerheads. Now the former has decided to resolve the problem by trying to explain the existence of the latter

BY THE standards of European scientific collaboration, €2m ($3.1m) is not a huge sum. But it might be the start of something that will challenge human perceptions of reality at least as much as the billions being spent by the European particle-physics laboratory (CERN) at Geneva. The first task of CERN's new machine, the Large Hadron Collider, which is due to open later this year, will be to search for the Higgs boson—an object that has been dubbed, with a certain amount of hyperbole, the God particle. The €2m, by contrast, will be spent on the search for God Himself—or, rather, for the biological reasons why so many people believe in God, gods and religion in general.

“Explaining Religion”, as the project is known, is the largest-ever scientific study of the subject. It began last September, will run for three years, and involves scholars from 14 universities and a range of disciplines from psychology to economics. And it is merely the latest manifestation of a growing tendency for science to poke its nose into the God business.

Religion cries out for a biological explanation. It is a ubiquitous phenomenon—arguably one of the species markers of Homo sapiens—but a puzzling one. It has none of the obvious benefits of that other marker of humanity, language. Nevertheless, it consumes huge amounts of resources. Moreover, unlike language, it is the subject of violent disagreements. Science has, however, made significant progress in understanding the biology of language, from where it is processed in the brain to exactly how it communicates meaning. Time, therefore, to put religion under the microscope as well.


I found this to be one of the most fascinating articles I've read in a long time, you should all take a look!

- Spero

Sunday, March 23, 2008

US Gov Bans Easter Eggs

Deemed potential danger to national security.

Millions of Americans never expected to hear this type of news on Easter Sunday. Yet, at a press conference early this morning, Secretary of State Condoliza Rice revealed a new "Potentially catastrophic" threat to the American People.

It seems that the cute little multi-colored eggs of our youth have been infiltrated by Al-Qaeda, with help from the Easter Bunny him(or her) self. "Our wiretapping programs have paid off", says President George W. Bush about uncovering the threat, "The Easter Bunny was either with us or against us - and he chose against us".

The controversial (Patriot Act) wiretapping program uncovered terrorist plans to put explosive devices inside these small multi-colored packages in an attempt to "Strike fear into the hearts of Americans" says a senior NSA official.

Early diagnostic efforts have placed the bombs construction' in Iran, with possible help from the Revolutionary Guard. A plant near Tehran, tentatively labeled site 5022, was identified as the most probable manufacturing area. The Iranian government has yet to issue a long official response, but, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was overheard retorting "Damn the American Infidels and curse their goats" - and as usual denying the holocaust.

As for the Easter Bunny, the NSA does not believe he placed the eggs in millions of houses in America by himself. It is believed that his proxies have infiltrated many families, neighborhoods and communities around the country. "Times like these no one is above investigation" says the President Bush. Bush, after seeing bright green eggs on the White House lawn, immediately quarantined many members of his immediate family. "The threat" he says, "is everywhere".

This reporter's efforts to obtain access to the reports that lead to the current Administrations conclusion about the threat were met with stern rebuttal. "Why do you hate America?" fired back a senior State Department official. When this reporter protested, he was met with a brick wall of logic: "Then, why do you love terrorists?"

Faced with this level of argumentation, our news agency has abandoned efforts to read the documents for now.