Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Political Correctness and the Oppression of Free Speech

Just when you thought that you were guaranteed the right to free speech by the state... Political correctness is a here to take it away, by limiting both your freedom of speech and your freedom of thought!

Despite what the American government proclaims, free speech in modern American society is merely an illusion, and this is in great part due to political correctness. If we truly had freedom of speech, we would be able to express our ideas openly, no matter how socially or politically unacceptable they are, without the threat of persecution. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The persecution of those charged with making politically incorrect statements is so prevalent today that I hardly need to present any examples.

But, of course, the state has very few legal restrictions on free speech; yet the state still manages to covertly restrict it through the imposition of political correctness upon the people, which is generally, conveniently enforced through persecution by the mob, and silently fueled by the state’s encouragement and occasional intervention.

The ideology of political correctness aims to label certain speech, actions, and even thought that is considered "offensive" as wrong. This is contrary to both human nature and what is reality. Political correctness is a tool of mental oppression and an affront to our rights and our freedoms and should be disregarded, except, perhaps, in politics.

- Voice of Reason


Havank said...

My name is Havank and I only speak Simple English. My name is short for Hans van der Kallen. He was a now nearly forgotten Dutch crime writer with the name Shadow. I give you his website. In Dutch,

I ask you to give me a hiding place for my free speech.

I am more ore less a friend of Corry Ten Boom, the writer of "A hiding place" I had to warn you that my opinion of free speak will be completely different from yours. I have more safe-houses : 1 in Varosha (KKTC) POB 10 MERCIN TR EUROPE
2. 2 in Portugal
3. 1 in Eire
4. 1 in Holland
5. 1 YOU now

If you don't like it ? Remove me but wait till I reached 5 postings.

Havank said...

I am totally incorrect : I have been hunting down our member of parliament Geert Wilders :
Second Daedalus
Second Herostrates
Second Prior of Beziers
Second Marinus van der Lubbe
First Blonde Geert the Prostitute of Yeretz ut-Israel.

Please note that I fully support a REGULAR State of Israel, the Peace Plan of Benidict XVI & The Arabian Disney Prince & Res 242. I support even in some ways driesvanagt.nl He is a former premier of The Netherlands. Our queen and family ..l.. We were always a United Republic of a lot of counties and cities.